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你吃過甜的blue cheese tart 嗎?多謝@cheesy_the_goat每次有新產品都會想起我們,今次邀請我們試他們的新出品Blue Chees Tart時,有點驚訝,因為真的未吃過blue cheese 甜品🧐🥳據說blue cheese擁有豐富的營養價值,可以補鈣、抗炎、提升免疫力和減肥,使我躍躍欲試😂

甫打開盒,已經被它微焦的外表和香味所吸引,金黃略焦的外皮又香又好吃,裡面好creamy好滑,令人喜出望外🥳有點半熟芝士撻的感覺,既香且滑的cream cheese 帶着藍芝士的獨有香味,是出奇的夾!看著它帶有藍灰色的紋路,心想店主是怎樣調出這個又香又滑的味道?

欣賞@cheesy_the_goat店主努力不懈的創新,蛋糕一個比一個好吃,這個Blue Chees Tart十分出色,叫人齒頰留香,一再回味!

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 Have you ever had a sweet blue cheese tart? Thank you @cheesy_the_goat for remembering us whenever they have a new product. I was a little surprised about this new flavor because I had never tried blue cheese dessert. It is said that blue cheese has rich nutritional value. It can supplement calcium, anti-inflammatory, improve immunity and lose weight, making me eager to try it😂

As soon as I opened the box, I was attracted by its slightly charred appearance. The golden and slightly charred outer layer was fragrant and delicious. The inside was creamy and delicate. It was pleasantly surprised. It looked/tasted like a half-baked cheese tart, with a fragrant and smooth cream cheese. The unique scent of blue cheese was surprisingly blended! Looking at this beautiful cheese tart. I wondered how @cheesy_the_goat made this fragrant and delicate taste?

Appreciate the unremitting innovation of @cheesy_the_goat. Their cakes keep exceeding our expectation. This blue cheese tart is very delicious, and absolutely fantastic!

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