Cheesy The Goat

“Life is hard, but it is

harder if you are stupid.”

Our story

Cheesy realises many cheesecakes in Hong Kong either taste like shit or too expensive. So Cheesy believes in crafting outstanding Cheesecake that everyone can experience, in the mission to reinvent the way people perceive Cheesecake.

By offering unconventional Cheesecake flavor and texture, designed to fit Hong Kong people’s taste and appetite, we hope to give more people the opportunity to taste good quality Cheesecake at a reasonable price range.

Afterall, we are just a really well made Cheesecake.

Cheesy Who?

Many people… actually, no one really knows what ‘CheesyTheGoat’ means. A lot of people ask if it’s because we use goat’s milk, but in reality, CheesyTheGoat is just a pun for cheesecake in Cantonese.

However, our little goat Cheesy is the heart and soul of the entire brand. Beneath that seemingly silly and dumb exterior is an innocent and self-assured kid who does whatever he likes; disregarding societal expectations.

We hope to inspire everyone to be like Cheesy – to do things that make themselves happy on the rugged journey of life, rather than what others expect them to do (as long as it doesn’t affect others).

We invite you to be part of our journey to conquer the world, and let Cheesy shine brilliantly in all of his glory.

Cheesy creamy!

For our Cheesecake to achieve such dangerously perfect taste and texture, on top of our expertise and experiences, we strictly control the sourcing of our raw materials to ensure the quality and purity of our ingredients. We firmly believe that only the finest raw materials can produce the exquisite taste and texture that define our Cheesecake.

With more than one kind of Cream Cheese, we sourced our Cheese all the way from Japan and France. We also picked our Whip Cream from France to best fit the recipe. In order to create an unconventionally Creamy taste and texture that defies the status quo, giving people a Cheesecake that they reminisce about.

Be careful, we are really creamy!

Cheesy Good!

As part of Cheesy’s commitment, we have developed different habits in our operation to reduce waste as they may be produced in the process.

From using better material, to reducing paper waste in our production process, to cleaning our raw material packaging like cream bottles or food cans, to recycling them later.

However small action it is, we believe in taking tiny steps everyday, to accumulate a large impact in the long run. Even though we are just a small shop, we believe in taking action now, rather than to “do it when we have more resources”.


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