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Free Icebag, Stainless Steel Knife, 1 Candle, and Matches for each cake



Blueberry has always been one of our long-standing flavors, accompanying us since the birth of our brand.

However, Blueberry has other plans and will be leaving us soon. To commemorate this farewell, we will launch a Combo Promotion in July. Purchase two cakes of the same size and enjoy a 15% off discount.

GeeGut Bird’s Notice:
One of the flavors in the Combo must be Blueberry, and the second flavor can be chosen freely. This promotion is only valid for cakes picked up within July.

Actual Last Day of Blueberry yet to be confirmed, should be around late July or early August

*All pictures for reference only*

Allergy Information and Precautions

– This product contains wheat, gluten, nuts, seeds, dairy, and egg products, which may cause allergic reactions.
– The production factory and its production line equipment handle products that contain wheat, gluten, nuts, seeds, milk, eggs, and soy.
– This product is not suitable for pregnant women.
– Individuals with poor digestion or those who are sensitive to milk or dairy products should consume with caution.

Shelf Life and Storage

– Shelf Life: Consume within 3 days (Cheesy recommend finish the cake on the first day! The texture will start to change on the second day)
– Storage method: Store in fridge (0-4 Celcius)

Purchase this item and get 21-49 Points - a worth of $21.00-$49.00
Purchase this item and get 21-49 Points - a worth of $21.00-$49.00



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