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Combo Delight

Free Icebag, Stainless Steel Knife, 1 Candle, and Matches for each cake



【Now They Have Gone Too Far!】
This is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe! We are launching Combo again! For those who want to try all two flavors, you can now eat two birds with one stone!

Buy any two cakes of the same size, and you can enjoy the corresponding discount. For a 4-inch and 5-inch Combo, you get 20% off, and for a 6-inch and 8-inch Combo, you get a whooping 30% off.

⚠ Limited Edition Alert ⚠
This offer is available for a limited time only, exclusively in March and April 2024. Don’t miss out and keep nagging in May!

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Allegen Information

– This product contains wheat, gluten, nuts and seeds, milk, and egg products, which may cause allergic symptoms.
– The production factory of this product, and its equipment production pipeline, are capable of processing products containing wheat, gluten, nuts and seeds, milk, eggs, and beans.

Shelf Life and Storage

– Shelf Life: Consume within 3 days (Cheesy recommend finish the cake on the first day! The texture will start to change on the second day)
– Storage method: Store in fridge (0-4 Celcius)

Purchase this item and get 20-40 Points - a worth of $20.00-$40.00
Purchase this item and get 20-40 Points - a worth of $20.00-$40.00



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